And... I can't help it anymore..but to put it here..

This morning I got this email, it’s very rare for Medela Harmony user and Medela Swing user to testify again the breastpump. Coz this 2 type of Single breastpump, one electric (swing), and one manual (harmony) is already well-known...even before I started breastfeed Dina (5 YO) and Azalea (3 YO)...(Ala...2 model dlm my fotopages n blogspot..hahah, org dtg sumer kenal si genit 2 org nih) Swing is here in 2007.. but Harmony is here way much longer..

On Thursday last week she made the payment for Medela Harmony, but she forgot to include her address and hphone number. So as I was about to make quick drop at Poslaju HQ, I was like looking for her by her office number. She laughs her heart out when I said, "Laling, mana mau hantar itu pump? Address talak kasi"... Actually she was nervous coz she's buying the pump without her husband consent (uurrghh...we are in the same boat, but Aja lagi nakal...dulu beli medela FS dendiam..), She already a spectra3 user but its hard for her to bring the pump back home as she commute by commuter everyday. So she bought Medela Harmony for house purpose...

And her testimony of MEDELA HARMONY,

From: Syareena
Subject: RE: Medela Harmony
To: "Naza Sulaiman"
Date: Monday, 6 July, 2009, 8:20 PM

Dear Aja,

I dah guna the medela harmony few times and I love it. Sangat suke okkaayyy!!! Parts tak banyak, very easy to assemble, softshield (is that what u call it?) is great.

Hubby pun diam je bila I tunjuk my new gadget hehehehe…. Tak terkata dia . Maybe dia dah tau his wife obsession with breastfeeding + nampak the good result (I tunjuk my production kat dia)

Now, I can pump anytime, anywhere. Sukanyeeeee……

Next time, kalau ada orang tanya for manual pump, will recommend this pump and of course, recommend u as the seller (+ poslaju)

Thank you!


Thank you Reena for the good tetimonial, Oh ya...she promoted me to use poslaju ALWAYS, even give me person in contact to make my poslaju process smooth. Thanks Reena...

And To another person who's in LOVE with Medela Swing, And patiently waited for my stock to arrive. Thanks Sue...

From: SuE BelleDza
Subject: Re: breastpump medela swing..
To: "Naza Sulaiman"
Date: Thursday, 2 July, 2009, 9:41 PM

salam aja!
kita nak bagitau berita gembira nie! hehehehe....dah dapat pump tu!!
ni sambil hantar email ni...sambil mengepam la nieh...hahahah semangat kan!! tengok...sedar tak sedar dah nak masuk 2oz dah! Best la Swing!!

kita tak tau yg aja tinggal kat puncak alam. dekat je dgn rumah sue...sue tinggal kat sungai buloh tu, heheheh...dah dekat tu, boleh la datang umah singgah, ye tak? :)

apa pun, terima kasih ya. seronok sgt hari nie!

Thank you so much... And I dont know how to repay such trust, and all the kind words. Alhamdulillah...

Oh ya...I have nice offer for someone who need automatic pump and manual at same time, will put up the pic later ya...

BUMBLE BEE BPA-free bottles 4 oz will be restock on Thursday, Thank you...

Who's in need of Medela Swing, stok dah ada, kindly buzz me with enquiries and questions thru email at

owwhhh...and also, there's NEW KUTU group for Medela Swing, Also NEW group for Medela Freestyle. Group started With Rozy and Wawa dh masuk penerima pump kedua. Alhamdulillah..

THIS IS among what I have to offer, stay tune......

*update 9th JULY - This set SOLD to FIZA. Thank you.

Best Regards,
Aja ;)


Marsha~ said...

brape u jual medela harmony tu ye??? i minat nak beli for my 2nd baby ni..

Naza Sulaiman a.k.a Ajasu said...

Hi Marsha, harga masih sama mcm dulu, utk medela Harmony RM199, and Medela Swing RM649. Thanks for asking ya..


Unknown said...
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